As an artist, the things that interest me are color, light, composition and sense of place. I was born and raised in New England, and although I have lived in other parts of the country I find the New England landscape especially rich and compelling.

I work in pastel, oil and in printmaking (mostly color woodblock.) Generally I work from photographs, which I take. My ideas usually start as pastels, though in the last few years oils have been happening as well.

While oils and pastels are fairly well understood, the process of color woodblock prints may need a little explanation. I use a method based on a traditional Japanese process called “hanga” which was popularized by Arthur Wesley Dow around the time of the Arts and Crafts Movement. I carve each block of wood based on where color and shape are needed, and print each color individually, layer upon layer. The inks I use are water-based, so sometimes the prints can have a light, airy feeling.

I enjoy the diversity of woodblock, oil and pastel. Each has specific strengths, challenges and ways of expression.